Fructose is also not without problems

Fructose is also not without problems

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Healthier alternative? Fructose is not without problems
Diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases: A high-sugar diet can cause many health problems. For a long time, fructose was considered a healthier alternative, but this sweetener is by no means unproblematic.

Sugar is harmful to health
Recently, the magazine "Ökotest" reported that almost all ready meals contain hidden sugar. This, of course, makes it harder for consumers to be careful about consuming too much of the sweetener. However, this would be advisable for health reasons, since high sugar consumption can be associated with problems such as tooth decay, diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular diseases. In the past, fructose was often recommended as an alternative, but this is also not a healthy sugar, as scientific studies have shown. For example, researchers from Switzerland found that fructose can be dangerous for the heart.

Fructose has long been considered a healthier alternative
Fruit sugar sounds healthy at first, after all, fruit is at the top when it comes to nutritional recommendations. But isolated fruit sugar, which is obtained from corn, is anything but desirable, the consumer service Bavaria reports in a current message. “As diabetic sugar has long been banned, today it is mainly added to children's foods and sweets, often with the addition“ without granulated sugar ”. In doing so, we deliberately hide the negative consequences of this sugar, ”write the experts.

Not recommended for diabetics
At four calories per gram, it contains as many calories as most other types of sugar. According to consumer advocates, fructose has the nutritional advantage that it only slightly increases blood sugar compared to glucose. "Nevertheless, fructose is not recommended for diabetics because there is a connection between fructose consumption and obesity, which is not based on increased calorie intake, but on influencing the fat and carbohydrate metabolism," says the consumer service. The list of ingredients shows whether a product contains fructose. There are terms such as corn syrup, high-fructose syrup or fructose. The Bavarian Consumer Service points out that customers should not be tempted by sayings such as "without granulated sugar" or "with the sweetness of fruits". (ad)

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