Expert advice: Process minced meat within 24 hours

Expert advice: Process minced meat within 24 hours

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Proper storage and heating protect against foodborne diseases
Minced meat is an obese ingredient for many dishes such as Pasta sauce, casseroles or meatballs. However, due to its large surface area, it spoils particularly quickly compared to other meat products and can e.g. Diarrhea, vomiting or stomach pain. Therefore, hack should always be stored correctly and processed as soon as possible after purchase.

Ideal growth conditions for microorganisms
Whether spaghetti Bolognese, cabbage rolls or Mett rolls: minced meat dishes are very popular in this country and are regularly on the menu of many people. However, due to its large surface area, chopped meat is the ideal breeding ground for microorganisms and therefore very quickly perishable. The consumer information service "aid" reports.

According to the organisms, there could be disease-causing bacteria such as Salmonella or Listeria, which mostly get onto the meat due to poor hygiene and multiply there due to insufficient cooling or incomplete heating. Because only when the meat is fully heated does the core temperature briefly reach at least 70 degrees Celsius, which kills most disease-causing bacteria, the information goes on. If it is not properly cooled or heated, the pathogens can cause severe gastrointestinal diseases. Infants, pregnant women, seniors and immunocompromised people should avoid raw minced meat due to the risk of infection.

Be sure to test the quality before processing
To avoid health risks, minced meat should be packed in the fridge immediately after purchase and processed within 24 hours. According to the aid, this applies both to loose minced meat from the butcher and to products from the supermarket packed under film. Before the meat is cooked, it is advisable to check whether it is still good: if the minced meat has a sour smell and a dark discolored surface, it is spoiled and must be disposed of.

Especially in warm temperatures, the meat can get bad on the way home. Therefore, it should always be placed last in the cart when shopping and immediately repacked into a cooler bag after payment. Cooked or processed minced meat can be kept in the refrigerator for about two to three days. If the meat is to be prepared later, freezing is a good idea. Aid informs that frozen meat and minced meat dishes can be kept for up to three months at minus 18 degrees Celsius. (No)

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