Greenhouse lettuce rots faster

Greenhouse lettuce rots faster

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Eat greenhouse salads promptly after harvest
Vegetables and fruits from local cultivation offer ecological advantages in addition to price advantages. In recent weeks, the weather has not yet been suitable for growing lettuce outdoors, but the first salads from domestic greenhouses have already been harvested in the past few days, reports the Provincial Association of Rheinischer Obst- und Gemüsebauer (Bonn). According to the association, "Salads from greenhouse cultivation generally have more delicate leaves than free-range lettuce" and "therefore they cannot be stored for long." Consumption should therefore take place as soon as possible after the harvest.

In the past few days, according to the provincial association, "the first fresh salads were harvested in Rhenish greenhouses", so that regionally produced salads could be served on the table just in time for Easter. The salad range of domestic cultivation includes lettuce, Lollo Rosso, Lollo Bionda, Kraussalat and Raisasalat according to the association. The colorful variety can also be combined very well and bring the healthy splash of color to the plate. Given the very limited shelf life, it is advisable to consume it shortly after the harvest.

Keep the salad in the fridge
According to the Provincial Association of Rhenish Fruit and Vegetable Farmers, salads from the greenhouse usually have more delicate leaves than free-range salads, which results in a shorter shelf life. The salads are "not long-lasting and should be consumed as quickly as possible after harvesting", the association says. The leaves start to wither after a short time, but salads from regional production advantageously only require short transport routes to the consumer. Immediately after shopping, the provincial association recommends storing "the salads in a plastic container or wrapped in a damp cloth in the refrigerator". In this way, a few days can be bridged.

According to the experts, the harvest of the domestic free-range salads only starts in a few weeks. The sets were planted and protected from the cold by a fleece cover. Depending on the weather, harvesting can begin in late April to early May. (fp)

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