Painful intoxication: some risk of injury with the most beautiful thing in the world

Painful intoxication: some risk of injury with the most beautiful thing in the world

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Scientists chose the most dangerous position
Accidents during the act of love are more common than often thought. Scientists in Brazil have looked into the positions in which it can be particularly dangerous.

Accidents are not that rare
Emergency doctors are always busy with bizarre emergencies caused by accidents during the love act. For example, objects such as bottles, tools or rods often have to be removed from the patient's openings. A lot can happen in the frenzy of lust. And not that rarely. According to health experts, accidents during sexual intercourse are relatively common. In many cases, a “penile fracture” can occur, which is accompanied by pain. Researchers in Brazil have looked at the positions at which dangerous complications can arise.

Dangerous positions
Brazilian scientists from the “School of Medical Sciences” at the “University of Campinas” (UNICAMP), together with colleagues, have investigated which positions can be problematic for the male member. They have identified the so-called equestrian position as the most dangerous position. This position poses a great risk, since the woman - while sitting on the man - shifts her entire weight onto the sensitive part of the man's body and controls the movement. In the case of a "wrong union", the position could not react quickly enough. It is said that the riding position is responsible for about half of all penile fractures.

Relatively harmless positions
The researchers published their results in the specialist magazine "Advances in Urology". There they also reported on the relatively harmless positions. The so-called "doggy" was classified as rather harmless. It is said that only around 29 percent of penile fractures resulted from traffic in this position. And the “missionary position” obviously also harbors less danger for men. According to the information, the risk of breakage here is 21 percent.

Pain-free traffic for back problems
Canadian researchers have also worked in various positions in the past. Her study focused on which position in back pain is suitable to have sex without pain. One of the results at the time was that the spoon position often recommended by doctors, with both partners lying on the side, was not advisable for everyone. A specific recommendation cannot be given due to the different back problems. (ad)

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