Important: leg shaving without skin irritation: always in the direction of growth

Important: leg shaving without skin irritation: always in the direction of growth

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Prevent skin irritation: shave legs with the direction of growth
Hair removal is a daily routine for many men and women. If the legs are shaved, there is often redness or even a hair root infection - even if you are very careful and use fresh blades. Such a skin irritation can be avoided with a simple trick.

Shaving dry is gentler on the skin
People who want to have smooth legs often have to accept the risk of skin irritation due to shaving. Ingrown hair can be the result. In general, the risk of irritation is higher if you have sensitive skin and thicker than thin hair. According to experts, the risk of skin irritation is also greater if you shave wet. The dry shave is gentler on the skin.

Avoid alcohol and aluminum-containing cosmetics
It is also recommended to always shave with the direction of growth. This means that you have fewer problems. Like the experts in the “Öko-Test” magazine (issue 3/2016), it is also good not to use alcohol-containing cosmetics immediately after shaving. If the armpits are shaved, it is better to do without aluminum-containing deodorants. It is believed that more aluminum is absorbed through damaged skin. Cosmetics containing aluminum are suspected to increase the risk of diseases such as cancer or dementia because of the metal they contain. In an earlier study by "Öko-Test" it was found that deodorants without aluminum are mostly recommended.

Allergy-triggering fragrances
If depilatory creams are used, care should be taken not to apply them to broken skin or to let them come into contact with the mucous membranes. People sensitive to pain should better keep their fingers off warm or cold wax anyway. The experts at “Öko-Test” have recently tested shaving and depilatory products as well as cold and warm wax. Among other things, they criticized the fact that some fragrances are used that can trigger allergies in some people. (Ad)

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