Avoid knee pain with practical tips

Avoid knee pain with practical tips

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Tips for avoiding knee pain
Many people have knee problems. Favored by incorrect loads and overweight, signs of wear in the knee quickly become apparent, which can be accompanied by massive knee pain and restrictions in everyday life. The AOK has therefore put together a few tips on how to prevent knee pain.

In Germany, 12.7 million people suffer from the painful joint disease arthrosis, which mainly affects the knees, reports the AOK, citing the figures from the Robert Koch Institute (RIK). This results in severe knee pain and restricted movement. However, with a few simple measures, there are "good chances of being spared from knee pain", the health insurance company continues.

Observe regular relief of the knee
The AOK advises to avoid knee pain, to relieve the knee regularly. “Anyone who stands or sits a lot puts a strain on the knee. Above all, bent legs when sitting, shorten the thigh muscles and this increases the pull on the knee joint, ”explains the health insurance company. Therefore, the legs should be stretched again and again to relieve the strain. Getting up and walking around the room is also helpful. "You should avoid prolonged kneeling if possible - above all, you should never kneel in the heel seat any longer," emphasize the AOK experts.

Strengthen muscles
Sport is important for the knees, because the movement builds up the muscles around the knee, explains the AOK. Strengthening the inner leg muscles and the extensor muscles of the thigh prevent knee pain. Suitable sports for relieving the knee are swimming (especially back and crawl swimming), aqua jogging and cycling. AOK warns that sports such as jogging or hiking are unsuitable for people with knee problems.

Reduce or avoid excess weight
Being overweight is an essential risk factor for signs of wear on the knee joint. “If you put too much weight on the scales, you put a massive strain on your joints and especially your knees,” says the AOK. The reduction of excess weight or the maintenance of normal weight therefore plays an essential role in the prevention of knee pain. The AOK advises: "Make sure you eat a healthy diet and exercise enough to keep the weight at a healthy level for your body."

Carry heavy objects close to your body
High loads on the knee also occur when carrying heavy objects. To keep the load as low as possible, make sure that heavy loads are carried as close to the body as possible. "For example, it is better to transport purchases in a backpack than in a tote bag," recommends the AOK.

No high heel shoes
According to the AOK, shoes with heels also have a particularly strong knee load. "The strain on the knee is enormous - as if you were constantly walking on tiptoe," explains the health insurance company. High heels should therefore be avoided. With a footbed, the foot has better support and the knees are relieved, according to the AOK. There are also chic shoes with flat heels. (fp)

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