Lose weight more easily: move on after waking up or brushing your teeth

Lose weight more easily: move on after waking up or brushing your teeth

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Move aside: immediately after waking up or brushing your teeth
Especially now in the cold season we often experience a leaden sluggishness that prevents us from moving enough. If you don't manage to complete your own program regularly, you don't have to give up entirely. Movement can also be integrated quite well into everyday life.

Regular exercise is healthy
Those who are sluggish live healthier: According to scientists, 15 minutes of exercise a day are enough to increase life expectancy. Getting more fitness is on the to-do list of many people anyway. However, implementation sometimes fails. Those who actually want to move more, but simply can't get themselves into the sports program at the weekend or after work, don't have to give up their intentions altogether. Regular exercise can also be integrated quite well into everyday life. According to health experts, constant exercise is often more sensible than overzealous sport.

Start the day well
If you want to exercise more in everyday life, small exercise programs can help. How it works is reported by the journal "Naturarzt" (issue 2/2016). A message from the dpa news agency states that most of the exercises listed should be repeated five to ten times and then best done three times with a ten-second break in between. It starts with a good start in the morning. You can get started in bed:

"Playing the piano" in bed
First stretch both arms over your head and both feet towards the foot end, then stretch your right arm and left leg together and vice versa. When stretching is exhaled and in the relaxation phase. Another exercise that can be done under the covers is to use your fingers and toes as if you were “playing the piano”. Then the duvet is folded back and you bend your legs alternately - similar to riding a bicycle. Then raise your legs and turn your torso from side to side. And in order to get the spine moving a little, you let your legs drop to the opposite side.

Stand on your toes when brushing your teeth
The magazine "Naturarzt" also has an exercise ready for the time in the shower: first roll your shoulders back and forth, then slowly turn your head from one side to the other. And when you shave or brush your teeth, you can always stand on tiptoe and hold the position for a few seconds. Then turn the trunk from side to side as far as possible without pain. Other light fitness exercises recommended by other experts at home include squats, which can also be done on a shaky surface such as a rolled-up towel.

Movement in everyday office life
Exercise can also improve health in the office. While working at a desk, you should get up and walk around once an hour for two to three minutes. It is also good to tense your buttock muscles six to seven times while sitting and to let them go. The magazine also has a tip for drivers: if you are stuck in a traffic jam or at the traffic lights, it is best to squeeze the steering wheel for a few seconds and then pull it apart - this is good exercise for the shoulder and neck muscles. (ad)

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