Health hazard from arsenic: rice products for small children only in moderation

Health hazard from arsenic: rice products for small children only in moderation

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Many products for toddlers often contain a lot of rice. While rice is considered healthy due to the vitamins and minerals it contains, many rice products also contain toxins that can pose a significant health risk. Small children should therefore only be given them in moderation.

Rice products often contain a lot of arsenic
Health experts consider rice to be part of a balanced diet due to the vitamins and minerals it contains. It contains important amino acids and fiber and, due to its lack of sodium, is suitable for draining the body in the case of overweight or obesity and in the case of high blood pressure. There is a lot of rice in products especially for toddlers: be it rice cakes, rice milk or baby porridge based on rice. However, such products can also contain large amounts of toxins that are hazardous to health. Rice and rice products often contain a lot of arsenic and should therefore only be consumed in moderation. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) warned last summer not to eat too much of it. Years ago, US scientists had discussed that the arsenic contained in rice poses a risk to pregnant women and their offspring.

Recommended for toddlers only in moderation
The Bavarian Consumer Center now explains on its website that especially infants and young children should not consume too much of such products. The experts advise parents, babies and small children to give rice products only in moderation and to alternate with foods that are based on other types of cereals. If necessary, consumers can also ask the manufacturers, since many of them now control the arsenic content of their products. At the same time, the consumer advice center points out that adults and older children do not have to do without rice and rice products.

New limit values ​​have been in force since the beginning of the year
The European Union last year set maximum levels for inorganic arsenic in rice, rice biscuits, rice cakes, rice crackers, rice cakes and rice for the production of food for infants and young children. These values ​​have been in effect since January 1, 2016. According to the consumer advice center, large quantities of inorganic arsenic are a risk factor for cancer. According to health experts, arsenic is also used as a medicine and is used, among other things, in cancer therapy. Slight arsenic poisoning can also lead to symptoms such as cramps, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea and kidney failure in adults. (ad)

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