Research: E-cigarettes are sometimes more problematic than normal smoking

Research: E-cigarettes are sometimes more problematic than normal smoking

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Anxiety: According to the study, e-cigarettes are worse than tobacco use in some areas
A dispute about unhealthy e-cigarettes has been raging for years. Some people see it as a better alternative to tobacco, but the electronic vaporizers are by no means healthy. A new study showed that e-cigarettes have even more problematic effects than normal smoking in some areas.

Dangerous chemicals in e-cigarettes
Some experts point out that e-cigarettes can make it easier to stop smoking, but more and more study results show that e-cigarettes are not harmless. Just a few weeks ago, US scientists reported in the journal "Environmental Health Perspectives" that electric cigarettes are apparently even more dangerous than previously thought. Some contain chemicals that are hazardous to health and can cause a popcorn lung. It is diacetyl, a substance that is also used in the production of microwave popcorn.

If inhaled, the chemical can lead to serious chronic lung disease bronchiolitis obliterans. Since the problem primarily affects workers in popcorn factories, the clinical picture is also referred to as "popcorn lung".

Sometimes worse effects than tobacco use
Researchers from Italy have now reported on other dangers posed by electronic cigarettes. As a result, they can have even worse effects on human health than burning conventional cigarette tobacco. This is what scientists from the “Istituto di Neuroscienze”, part of the National Research Council CNR, have found in a new study in collaboration with the University of Statale di Milano. They presented their results in the journal "European Neuropsychopharmacology".

Increased occurrence of anxiety
“” reports that tests were carried out on two groups of laboratory mice who were given the same amount of nicotine from electronic and normal cigarettes for two months. "It has been shown that inhaling electronic cigarette smoke creates less dependency and a cognitive deficit," explained project manager Cecilia Gotti. In return, a stronger occurrence of anxiety and compulsive behaviors was found. This phenomenon occurred even long after nicotine was discontinued. "Added to this is the fact that numerous additives that are not registered and whose effects are unknown are incorporated into the substrate of electronic cigarettes," says the Italian researcher.

One of her colleagues, Francesco Clementi, said that in addition to the effects on the brain investigated by the Italian scientists, one must above all be warned of the harmful effects on the nervous system. The nicotine produced in the electronic cigarette - which had long been considered harmless - also has negative consequences for the development of embryos. The German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg also recently warned that nicotine could also be harmful to health with e-cigarettes. (ad)

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