Study: Mothers in their thirties usually have more intelligent children

Study: Mothers in their thirties usually have more intelligent children

Children of mothers in their forties have an increased risk of becoming obese
Does children's intelligence depend on the age at which their mother became pregnant? How exactly does the age of the mother affect our children? British researchers tried to answer these questions. A large cohort study has now brought interesting insights. The researchers published the results of their investigation in the journal “Biodemography and Social Biology”.

Women who give birth to their child between the ages of 30 and 40 have smarter children than mothers in their twenties or forties. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the "London School of Economics". In their research, the researchers found that children of mothers in their thirties achieved the highest cognitive results in their tests.

Children of older mothers do better in cognitive tests
British researchers observed around 18,000 children in the long-term study to investigate the effects of a mother's age on her child. The researchers found that children of mothers in their thirties performed better in cognitive tests than children of younger mothers and also slightly better than children of mothers in their forties. In addition, the results of the study show that children of mothers who are 40 years of age or older are more prone to developing obesity, the researchers said. The reason for this is that older mothers play much less with their children than children of younger mothers, the British medical team added. The children examined in the study were five years old.

Mature mothers usually live healthier and plan pregnancy better
Mothers who have their first child in their thirties are likely to be better educated and have a higher income. The probability is high that such mothers have intact, stable relationships and live healthier lives. These mothers would rather start prenatal care and usually planned their pregnancy much better, explained the doctor Dr. Alice Goisis told the Times newspaper. In addition, older mothers would usually not smoke, often breastfeed themselves and read more to children, added Dr. Goisis added. The researchers explained that although it was a large study, few mothers over the age of 40 had participated. Only 53 of the subjects were over 40 years old. For this reason, further research is necessary, the scientists said. The average age of mothers in the UK has increased steadily in recent years. In 1980 the average age for mothers was still 24.5 years. In today's study, the average age of mothers has risen to 28.1 years, the doctors explained in their study. (As)

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