Another two years more: Germans die on average at the age of 78

Another two years more: Germans die on average at the age of 78

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In this country, people are getting older and older. According to this, the average age of death in the past ten years has increased by almost two years to 78.1 years. The most common cause of death was still diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Two years more than ten years ago
An older age is becoming more and more natural. According to a recent statement from the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), we are now 78.1 years old on average. Ten years ago, life ended almost two years earlier. However, there was no change in the causes of death because, as in previous years, most people (38.9%) died of cardiovascular disease. 92 percent of those who died of a disease of the cardiovascular system were 65 years and older, and the proportion of women (189,518 cases) was slightly higher than that of men (148,538 cases). A total of 50,104 people died from the heart attack belonging to this group in 2014 (56.9% men / 43.1% women).

Three times more men than women commit suicide
As before, the second leading cause of death was cancer. A quarter of all deceased (223,758 people) fell victim to these. Accordingly, the digestive and respiratory organs were most frequently affected in men. Malignant neoplasm of the digestive organs was also the most frequently diagnosed cancer in women, but breast cancer reached the highest proportion of individual diagnoses. 4% of all deaths were due to a “non-natural cause of death” such as injury or poisoning (34,667 cases). For example, 11,582 cases died through a fall. 10,209 people ended their lives through suicide, according to the Federal Statistical Office, the proportion of men at 74.7% was almost three times as high as the proportion of women at 25.3%. (No)

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