Psyche: Alleged WiFi allergy drove young girl to suicide

Psyche: Alleged WiFi allergy drove young girl to suicide

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15-year-old commits suicide because she is convinced that she has a “wifi” allergy
Is it possible to get a “WiFi” allergy and even die later? A 15 year old teenage girl from England was apparently so convinced of suffering from such an allergy that she eventually committed suicide.

The 15-year-old girl Jenny Fry from the English county of Oxfordshire had severe health problems for years. The teenager has suffered from headache, fatigue and bladder problems since the age of 12. Jenny and her mother attributed all of these symptoms to allergic reactions. Both were convinced that the 15-year-old suffers from an allergy to WLAN. When the girl was so desperate because of the health problems that she did not know what to do next, the teenager committed suicide.

Mother and daughter suffering from allergy to WiFi?
According to the British news site "" Jenny and her mother got sick. The mother attributed the health problems to the "wifi" in her house. Without further ado, she had her WLAN removed because the woman believed that it could be dangerous for her family. After that, the mother and her daughter felt better. However, Jenny still had problems or impairments in some places in her school, the mother told the English news site. Due to her illness, 15-year-old Jenny had to leave school again and again. For these absences, the young girl was punished with detention.

Parents of the dead teenager want to abolish WLAN in schools
The mother of the English teenager is convinced that her child did not really want to commit suicide. The woman told the news site that Jenny was actually only extremely frustrated. The parents of the dead teenager now want to campaign for the abolition of WLAN in kindergartens and schools. Other children or teenagers could also be affected by the allergy. Of course, these would have to be protected from a similarly sad fate. (as)

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