Fully sugar-coated: seriously ill from sugar

Fully sugar-coated: seriously ill from sugar

Everything is sweet and there is sugar everywhere. This is roughly the simplest definition of industrial food production in today's affluent society. The consequences, especially for health, are drastic. Diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and death.

A gradual process, but it continues to take its life-threatening toll. Because baby food already contains sugar to make children addicted.

Damon Gameau massively reduced his sugar intake to impress a woman. According to him, the resulting effect was breathtaking: "I've never been fitter, leaner and more balanced."

Amazed by the positive effects, he decides to do an experiment: after three years without sugar, he changes his diet again. According to the average consumption of an Australian, he consumes 40 teaspoons of sugar a day for 60 days - and only in the form of so-called healthy foods such as muesli, low-fat yogurt and juices. Sweets are taboo! The result is shocking: nine kilos more, the early stages of fatty liver and diabetes!

A current book has now emerged from these experiences. It says: "Voll Zuckerugert - That Sugar Book" and describes how the drug sugar destroys our body and our brain and how easily we consume sugar without knowing it. As a resourceful sugar detective, Gameau shows how we can change our eating habits. With over 40 recipes, he also succeeded in making another move in the fight against sugar! (sb)

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