Worse heartache? Facebook wants to help with separation

Worse heartache? Facebook wants to help with separation

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After the breakup: Facebook wants to help with lovesickness
Heartache is painful. When couples split up, both usually suffer. Many then decide - at least for now - to have nothing to do with the ex. In times of social media, however, this is not so easy. Facebook wants to facilitate the separation of its users in the future.

Avoid contact with the ex
If a couple separates, friends are usually quickly on hand with well-intentioned tips against lovesickness. Some find it better to distract themselves, others think that talking about it brings more. After a breakup, many of those affected decide to avoid contact with the Ex or the Ex - at least for the time being. In times of social media, it's pretty difficult. Facebook has now announced that it will make it easier for its users to end the recent relationship.

Facebook is testing new functionality
The US company said it was testing a new function that would automatically filter out the photos and contributions of the ex-partner from the news stream. As the Facebook manager Kelly Winters explained, the newly separated should be helped to regulate how to deal with their former partners on Facebook. For a long time, users in the social network have been able to provide information about their relationship status - from single to "in a partnership" to "separated" to "it is complicated". According to the information, Facebook now wants to automatically suggest the new function to users as soon as they change their relationship status to "separated" or "divorced".

Virtual friendship doesn't have to end
In this way, users can decide whether the former should still be able to see their own photos or entries. Another tool should make it possible to change old entries in the block or from case to case so that, for example, the ex-partner is no longer mentioned or is no longer identified in photos. The new functions are intended to help users with a broken heart not be constantly confronted with past love on Facebook without having to block their former partner or end virtual friendship. "We hope that these settings will help people to end relationships on Facebook more easily, comfortably, and in a more controlled manner," said Winters. The setting is currently being tested with the Facebook application on smartphones in the USA. (Ad)

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