Regularly two apples for a healthy intestine and a better heart

Regularly two apples for a healthy intestine and a better heart

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Apples are healthy, tasty, versatile and also have hardly any calories. Therefore, it is best to eat them every day. The pure form is the healthiest option, because 70% of the valuable nutrients are in or directly under the shell.

Many important vitamins and minerals
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away": Again and again new studies prove the famous English proverb and show how valuable apples are for health. On the one hand, they are true “vitamin bombs” and contain a lot of trace elements, secondary plant substances as well as dietary fibers and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron. "The health benefits are in the whole apple", because the large mixture of valuable ingredients work together in the popular fruit, explains the nutritionist Meinrad Lindschinger in an interview with the news agency "APA ots".

Despite the many health benefits, many people rarely eat apples. Therefore, on tomorrow's traditional apple day, which is taking place for the 43rd time, the “multi-talent” should be brought to the fore again and informed about its positive effects.

Positive effects in diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
“For example, apples have a positive effect on our digestive system, cholesterol levels, on diabetes or on cardiovascular and cancer diseases,” says the expert. Therefore, it is best to integrate them into the menu every day. It is “high time that we adapt the diet to the needs of people and not the other way around,” adds Lindschinger. However, the apple should not be peeled for consumption, because 70 percent of the nutrients would be in or directly under the skin.

As the nutritionist reports, a study has shown that the valuable fiber of the apples has a great effect. Accordingly, after six weeks of consuming two large apples per day, the fiber content in the test subjects' intestines increased by 22 percent. "And the apple is a light food because it consists of 85 percent water and has only around 60 kilocalories," emphasizes Lindschinger.

New specialties meet every taste
Styria is Austria's number one fruit country, with around 77% of the local fruit growing area. Despite the relatively limited range of varieties of table apples worldwide, Styria would offer "a wide range of varieties in accordance with the natural possibilities," emphasized Wolfgang Mazelle, head of the fruit growing department in the Styrian Chamber of Agriculture. "The main varieties still include Golden Delicious, Gala, Jonagold and Idared, of the 'old' varieties, Crown Prince Rudolf is still in the range. In addition, there are a number of new specialties that meet every taste requirement, ”continues the apple expert. (No)

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