Students often suffer from alcohol problems

Students often suffer from alcohol problems

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Almost a fifth of students are at risk
Many young people like to drink alcohol from time to time during their studies. But some seem to drink significantly more than other groups of the same age. This is shown by a study with almost 1,840 students from the University of Hildesheim. According to this, almost a fifth of the students drink too much alcohol and therefore have an increased risk of becoming alcohol-dependent.

Studying offers many occasions for alcohol consumption
Whether it's the end of the semester, the finished housework or a passed exam: there are many occasions for celebrating and drinking alcohol during your studies. However, some students apparently find their way to addiction faster. This is the result of a study by the University of Hildesheim, in which the addictive behavior of the students there was examined. As the news agency "dpa" reports, the researchers surveyed almost 28 percent of the people enrolled there (1,838 people in total) and came to the conclusion that around 18 percent have an increased risk of becoming alcohol-dependent.

Majority only drink once a week
But this does not mean that studying automatically goes hand in hand with high alcohol consumption. "It is not the case that all students give each other the edge," Prof. Renate Soellner from the University of Hildesheim told the news agency. Because the vast majority (65%) drink alcohol on average once a week at the most and there is not a risk of addiction for everyone. According to Benjamin Becker of the Blue Cross addiction aid association, various factors would come into play when a dependency developed: What is my personality, how is my environment, and what addictive substances do I consume? ”

1.7 million people are addicted to alcohol
Drinking alcohol does not have to be dangerous in general, instead it depends on the amount and the regularity. However, many people find it difficult to drink moderately. According to the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), approximately 1.7 million people in Germany are alcohol-dependent, and there is also an additional 1.6 million people between the ages of 16 and 64 who are alcohol abusers. Experts estimate an estimated 74,000 deaths that are caused by risky alcohol consumption or by the combination of alcohol and tobacco.

According to Benjamin Becker, the so-called “abuse phase” would come before dependency, but one could do it on one's own. The path to addiction is mostly gradual, so be careful when the frequency and quantity increase. The close environment or family and friends could help the person concerned if they confront them directly with the problem and tell them that they are worried about their alcohol consumption, Becker continued to the "dpa". (No)

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