Serious allegations: Federal government endangers medical care

Serious allegations: Federal government endangers medical care

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Federal government endangers medical care in the country
The need for medical treatment will continue to increase in the coming years. This has to do with demographic development in particular: people in this country are getting older and older. The Free Medical Association is now making accusations against the Federal Government. This would endanger medical care in Germany.

Suspend the law and stop reform
The Free Medical Association (FÄ) is convinced that the need for medical treatment will increase significantly in the next few years. The main reasons for this are the demographic development and the ongoing influx of refugees. "This makes the current health policy all the more absurd, which, with the recently introduced" Supply Strengthening Act ", is based on the dismantling of medical practices and appointment service centers and wants to close hospitals through clinic reform," explained FÄ chairman Wieland Dietrich in a press release. The doctors urged the black and red federal government to suspend the law and stop the reform. "Otherwise, massive further deterioration in the medical treatment of the population can be expected. This already prevails in rural regions - but will also affect the metropolitan areas in the future. "

Free doctors criticize government
The FÄ is criticizing the practice purchase scheme, current demand planning and budgeting, "which has been worsening care for years anyway". The appointment service points - "or rather waiting time management points" - are an imposition. "They withdraw funds from the practice doctors for patient treatment if the unrealistic and bureaucratic, expensive appointments fail because there are too few doctors," says Dietrich. Waiting times are rarely a problem, according to a survey of insured persons by the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), but according to other experts, the average waiting time for an appointment with a doctor is significantly longer for insured patients than for private patients.

More people are treated by fewer doctors
According to the FÄ, many patients would not understand if, on the one hand, there were already too few appointments in many doctor groups, on the other hand, more and more people were being treated by fewer doctors. Dietrich warned: “It is important to be careful that there is no resentment among the population due to dwindling resources in health care. In addition, health doctors are now involved in the primary care of refugees. It is political cynicism that they will be punished if they do not offer enough appointments for other patients. ”Refugees are already second-class patients who are only entitled to minimal health care. But they of all people need more help because more than half of them reach Germany traumatized, especially those from Syria who have fled hunger, war and violence.

Ensure medical care
FÄ-Vice Dr. Silke Lüder emphasized that the integration of asylum seekers can only succeed if the dismantling of medical care is stopped. "Instead," says the doctor, "the federal government wants to lower the quality standards in medicine through the Asylum Procedure Acceleration Act, asylum seekers should only be allowed to" practice medical medicine "in the refugee camps by swearing an oath and without providing any evidence." With a stroke of a pen, elementary requirements for the approval of doctors in Germany would be changed. Abolishing practice and clinic coupled with quality reduction might not be the right way to ensure medical care in this country. (ad)

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