Restricted language development in children can trigger severe aggression

Restricted language development in children can trigger severe aggression

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Aggression in children through restricted language development
Pediatricians have recently expressed concern about children with mental health problems. Swiss doctors are now pointing out that aggressive behavior in children can indicate limited language development.

Let out feelings about language
According to health experts, around every fifth child in Germany shows psychological abnormalities. The little ones are often aggressive or withdraw completely. Pediatricians had only recently asked that those affected need better care. One reason for aggressive behavior in children could be restricted language development. Because these children have fewer opportunities to let their feelings out through language and are therefore more prone to violence. This has been pointed out by the Swiss Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (SGKJPP).

Exclude physical causes
Aggressive behavior generally occurs in many children in the course of development. But only a few would remain aggressive in the long run. If the offspring is often aggressive, parents should go to the doctor with their little ones to rule out physical causes or to counteract persistent problematic behavior. If the problem lies in language development, reading aloud can help. It strengthens language development and family ties. Other causes of aggressive behavior can include upbringing or a behavioral disorder. (Ad)

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