CDU wants to take homeopathy more into account in research

CDU wants to take homeopathy more into account in research

The CDU Commission "Live Sustainably - Maintain Quality of Life" has its final report
Submitted in early July. The topics include ideas to promote sustainable growth, an environmentally friendly economy, internationally fair and fair supply chains, support for responsible consumption and sustainable lifestyles. The topic of health also plays a role in the final report of the sustainability commission.

Under the heading "Good Living - Strengthening Health and Prevention", the CDU also advocates increasing focus on health services research. But the special therapeutic directions should also be given greater attention in the future: "We will use alternative healing methods, such as Take homeopathy, for example, more into account in research ... ”, says the report. But the Commission also advocates "that the ingredients and origins of homeopathic remedies in the EU are given in the local language."

Mechthild Heil, consumer policy spokeswoman for the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, had already requested this in spring 2014. Your reasoning: In homeopathic remedies there are sometimes "adventurous" ingredients. The consumer must be clearly informed about what he is consuming. But is the patient substantially better informed if a package contains the Latin term “Grauspießglanz” or “Kockels grains” next to the Latin name?

In addition, for many substances there are no or no taxonomically clear German names
gives why the Latin binomial nomenclature is always used in homeopathy. In all advice books and on the website of the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ) - wherever possible - the German names are always mentioned. (pm)

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