Berlin Senate wants to provide better care for seniors

Berlin Senate wants to provide better care for seniors

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The Berlin Senate wants to meet the challenges that demographic change poses to the healthcare system with a new concept. According to this, the care of older people should be improved. Aid systems would be better networked with "80plus", the Senate Department for Health told the news agency "dpa".

Berlin Senate plans better care for seniors. (Image:

Care for the elderly is to be expanded
By summer 2016, concrete appointments are to be made based on a series of specialist dialogues and a citizens' forum. According to the Senate, demographic change requires this to improve care for the elderly. According to forecasts, by 2030 twice as many people over the age of 80 will live in Berlin as they do today.

The health system is facing major challenges from this increase. To counteract this, general practitioners should be trained in the field of geriatric medicine. Health senator Mario Czaja (CDU) told the news agency that age-related ailments such as dementia could be better recognized. In addition, closer cooperation between hospitals and resident doctors should ensure better care for the elderly. Basically, it is not just about health and nursing care, but also about the social participation of older people. (ag)

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