Verdict: Wrong cosmetic surgeon has to go to prison for four years

Verdict: Wrong cosmetic surgeon has to go to prison for four years

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Scharlatan performs cosmetic surgery on more than 50 patients
A 31-year-old treated dozens of patients with botox and silicone, even though he wasn't a doctor at all. He is said to have stolen several tens of euros with the wrong cosmetic surgery, but the fraud was exposed. Now the regional court in Regensburg sentenced him to four years and three months in prison. The relatively mild sentence was mainly due to the "extensive confession" of the man, the judge explained in her reasoning.

Cosmetic surgeon "earns" more than € 60,000 with improper procedures
A lucrative business that went well for a long time: Over a period of several months, a 31-year-old from Regensburg mistakenly claimed to be a cosmetic surgeon and treated more than 50 men and women. The man had documented his alleged medical career with the help of falsified documents and documents. He also advertised successful treatments on the Internet and quickly made a name for himself on social networks. "All patients were treated only because they thought they were dealing with a doctor," quotes the judge, the news agency "dpa". The customer list was long, during the interventions he primarily injected silicone and botox into the cheeks, lips and forehead of his “patients” and, according to the public prosecutor, received a total of more than 63,000 euros in cash between early 2013 and summer 2014.

The mother of an Austrian victim contacts the authorities
This is an extremely risky procedure, as many sufferers suffered from painful swelling and numbness after the improperly performed operation, and in some cases fainting and rapid heartbeat after the anesthetic. The worried mother of a victim from Austria got the case rolling by having doubts about the man's approval and contacting the authorities. Finally, the mask of the fake cosmetic surgeon fell, who had to answer for 110 dangerous cases of physical injury, fraud and abuse of titles before the regional court in Regensburg.

Now the man was sentenced to four years and three months in prison. A comparatively mild verdict, which, according to the judge, was largely thanks to his extensive confession, according to the "dpa" report. "He has repeatedly expressed his remorse," the judge said in her verdict on Monday. The prosecutor's office even demanded five years in prison, but the accused's lawyers pleaded four years because of the confession.

Man apparently affected by dysmorphophobia
"It is fortunate that I was blown up," said the accused, and he was also glad that he had not done any worse consequences. As the "dpa" reports, an expert opinion had found the man to have a narcissistic personality disorder and a so-called "dysmorphophobia", which is a disturbed perception of his own body. As a result, the 31-year-old assumed that she was ugly and disfigured, which, according to the judge, had also resulted in a milder punishment. (No)

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