Doctor's mistake: Medical doctors removed the wrong eye from small children

Doctor's mistake: Medical doctors removed the wrong eye from small children

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Tragic case: doctor removed child with cancer from the wrong eye
A medical doctor in Mexico made a tragic mistake. The doctor removed the sick right eye from a child with cancer rather than the sick left eye. The boy's state of health is critical.

False eye removed
A medical professional in northwest Mexico made a tragic mistake. As the dpa news agency reports, the doctor accidentally operated on a child's false eye. According to the information, the doctor should have removed the left eye of the one-year-old child because of a tumor. Instead, he operated on his right eye in a hospital in the city of Ciudad Obregón in the state of Sonora. Mexican social security announced Thursday night (local time) that he had not followed the medical protocols. She spoke of "unfortunate events".

Health status of the boy critical
Because the little boy has advanced cancer, his state of health remains critical. The boy's parents filed a criminal complaint. The doctor is said to have been temporarily suspended. Such confusions are rare, but unfortunately they do happen every now and then. For example, Austrian doctors had amputated the wrong leg of a 91-year-old patient in 2010. When they noticed their mistake, they removed the old lady's second leg a few days later. (ad)

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