Neighbors complain about "heavily gay" garden

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“Relentlessly Gay”: The gayest garden in the world
A woman in the United States had decorated her garden with colored lights, among other things, with her daughters. Neighbors complained that the garden was “relentlessly gay”. A campaign that the woman subsequently launched has already raised over $ 40,000.

Pleasant neighborhood is good for health
A good neighborhood lowers the risk of heart attack. This is the conclusion reached by scientists from the University of Michigan in a study last year. As the researchers reported at the time, the likelihood of having a heart attack is up to 22 percent lower in a pleasant neighborhood. Conversely, for the Maryland resident, this means that she is at increased health risk: her neighbors are rather uncomfortable and complain that the woman's garden is "relentlessly gay".

Neighbors complain about "relentlessly gay" garden
Julie Baker from Baltimore and her daughters decorated her garden with colorful lanterns in rainbow colors. This did not suit an apparently homophobic neighbor. As a "concerned neighbor", he left a written message on the widow's door. Her garden is then described as “relentlessly gay” and asked on behalf of others to remove the decoration. In addition, it is stated that it is a Christian region and there are also children there. The anonymous letter also threatens the police and demands respect for God.

Raised over $ 40,000 for more colorful garden
The mother of four reacted to the letter: With even more rainbows. She started a crowdfunding campaign with which she claims to collect money to make her garden even more "relentlessly gay". As “” reports, Baker writes on the campaign website: “I need more rainbows. Much more rainbows ... I'll try to get a rainbow roof if we collect enough ... Because my invisible, relentlessly gay dragon should live there in style! "But she also said that she wasn't out to be hostile. Rather, the 47-year-old wants to strike back with the beauty, humor, and love that surrounds her home, garden, and family, and Baker has raised over $ 41,000 in just four days. Your garden should thus be made even more beautiful and "gay". Your campaign is not only a good answer to gay hatred, but may also serve to promote health in the neighborhood. (ad)

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