Scandal: doctor left a cell phone in the patient's stomach

Scandal: doctor left a cell phone in the patient's stomach

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During a caesarean section, a doctor left his cell phone in the patient's stomach
Jordanian Hanan Mahmoud Abdul Karim experienced something incredible. When she gave birth to her first child by caesarean section in April 2015, a serious medical error occurred. Although the delivery was without complications and she was able to leave the clinic a short time after the procedure, she soon developed massive pain and high fever. And again the young mother had to go to the clinic so that an emergency operation could be started again.

Pain and vibration
The mother's happiness lasted only for a short time. "I had an incredible stomachache," the 35-year-old mother told Gulf News. "The stomach felt like it was vibrating." Her family immediately took the suffering woman to a clinic. It was the same hospital where her son was born. According to the Arabian Gulf News, the doctors on site did not know what to do. The father unceremoniously packed up his daughter and drove her to another hospital. There the doctors immediately took an X-ray. A foreign body was clearly visible in the patient's abdomen. "It looked like a cell phone," said one of the doctors.

The patient was operated on immediately. The incredible suspicion was confirmed during the operation. "It was actually a smartphone". During the Caesarean section, one of the doctors had apparently left the cell phone in the patient's stomach. "How can this happen?" The doctors ask. The victim now wants to initiate proceedings against the responsible doctor.

Not an isolated case
Such incredible treatment errors happen again and again. An Australian patient lived for 15 years with severe abdominal pain and constant fever: a doctor had forgotten a large sponge in the abdominal cavity during an operation. Now the victim sued her surgeon at the time for compensation. He only said, "The operation was far too long ago." That couldn't be. But when an operation was started, it became clear that the doctor had actually forgotten a sponge in his stomach. (sb)

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