Green cola? Soft drinks with stevia usually contain a lot of sugar

Green cola? Soft drinks with stevia usually contain a lot of sugar

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The consumer advice center warns: Coke with stevia still contains a lot of sugar
Soft drinks are increasingly sweetened with the natural sugar of the stevia plant. This gives the customer the impression that the drinks are low in sugar. The Lower Saxony Consumer Center warns against such a misconception. The opposite is the case.

New in the drinks shelf and suitable for the summer season: the Coca-Cola Life is here. The green label suggests naturalness. The Lower Saxony consumer center has checked eight soft drinks for their sugar and calorie content and comes to the conclusion: "There is no trace of naturalness."

Sweetness from stevia
Coca-Cola Life contains water, sugar, aroma and coloring just like normal cola. The only difference is the addition of steviol glycosides. These are obtained from the stevia plant and have a strong sweetness - but without any calories. But despite the addition of stevia, the Coca-Cola Life, according to the consumer center, "still contains almost eleven cubes of sugar per 0.5 l bottle (a good third less than normal cola)." It is therefore given a red color when it comes to the labeling of nutritional values.

Still too much sugar
A small bottle of Coca-Cola Life (0.5 liters) contains a total of 34 grams of sugar. With one bottle a day, the WHO recommendation to consume no more than 25 to 30 grams of sugar per day (25 grams per adult woman, 30 grams per adult man) has been significantly exceeded. The sugar bomb is anything but healthy. In view of the fact that young people also frequently consume trend drinks, this form of advertising is questionable. Because for 12-year-olds, the recommended maximum sugar level is even lower (22.5 g). (pm, sb)

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