Öko-Test: Good daypacks from 85 euros

Öko-Test: Good daypacks from 85 euros

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As “Öko-Test” was able to determine in a current study, the saying “quality has its price” also applies to hiking backpacks. The testers examined various models and placed value on practical suitability and also looked for harmful substances.

Price says something about quality
As with many other everyday items, the price also says something about the quality of hiking backpacks. This is the result of a test by the "Öko-Test" magazine (issue 5/2015), in which, according to a report by the dpa news agency, ten models with a volume of between 24 and 30 liters were tested. With one exception, the rucksacks with prices between 85 and 100 euros received the grade "good". According to the information, significantly cheaper models also performed worse.

Questionable ingredients even in the best models
Practicality in particular was tested. There were deductions in particular if a backpack let water through. In addition, the editors of the "Öko-Test" magazine also examined the products for questionable ingredients. For example, PVC or lead were found in the top-rated models. There were corresponding deductions for this too. When asked by the newspaper, one of the manufacturers said that contrary to the findings, there was no PVC in its products. This plastic is considered hazardous to health, especially for children. Among other things, because it interferes with the hormonal balance of humans and can damage reproduction or development. Lead is also classified as carcinogenic, among other things. (Ad)

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