Abdominal mirroring: 21-year-old woman dies after routine surgery

Abdominal mirroring: 21-year-old woman dies after routine surgery

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21-year-old woman dies after routine surgery
In Filderstadt, Baden-Württemberg, a 21-year-old woman died a few days after a routine operation. There were serious complications during the procedure. The prosecutor is now investigating a possible treatment error.

Young woman dies after abdominal mirroring
At the weekend in Baden-Württemberg, a 21-year-old patient died a few days after a routine operation. The young woman had come to the Filder Clinic in Filderstadt (Esslingen district) near Stuttgart with stomach ache and had to be operated on the same day. The doctors performed a mirror examination, a minimally invasive procedure. However, serious complications occurred during this operation. Apparently, a pelvic vein was accidentally hit and injured when a probe was inserted.

Complications from routine surgery
The patient lost a lot of blood as a result and consequently also suffered "severe irreversible brain damage", as the clinic announced. The young woman fell into a coma and died five days later. It was informed that the hospital was committed to maximum transparency and full clarification of the incident. According to a message from the dpa news agency, an expert opinion ordered by the Stuttgart public prosecutor should clarify whether the attending doctors had made mistakes during the operation on Tuesday last week. According to the authority, there has been no evidence of misconduct to date.

Autopsy of the corpse
An autopsy of the body had revealed that "the woman had died of cardiovascular failure". The authorities expect "a result of the ordered opinion in a few months". The Baden-Württemberg Medical Association did not provide any information on the number of deaths during surgical interventions. "Such cases are difficult to compare". According to the public prosecutor, if a patient is injured or otherwise harmed by medical treatment or otherwise harmed, the police need to be notified in order to be investigated. This is different for interventions with fatal consequences. "Every unnatural death is checked." However, a prerequisite is a reasonable initial suspicion that someone could be to blame for the death.

Educate patients about treatment and risks
Before an operation such as abdominal mirroring, patients must be informed about the treatment and the risks and their consent obtained, explained the President of the State Medical Association, Ulrich Clever. "Otherwise it is bodily harm." Even if the method carries certain risks, serious complications that could also lead to death are extremely rare. Last year, the AOK concluded in its hospital report that almost 19,000 deaths due to treatment errors occur in the clinics nationwide. The German Hospital Society (DKG) had reacted indignantly and described the calculation as dubious. (ad)

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