Died today: Günter Grass is dead

Died today: Günter Grass is dead

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Nobel laureate Günter Grass died today in Lübeck

Günter Grass, Nobel Laureate in Literature and writer, died today at the age of 87. There is as yet no information about the cause of death. The death was confirmed by the Steidl publishing house. His books have been translated into numerous languages. In 1999 he received the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Günter Grass dies At the age of 87, Günter Grass, a Nobel Prize winner in literature, died in a Lübeck clinic this morning. Günter Grass was born on October 16, 1927 in Gdansk to a family of merchants. He studied sculpture, first at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, then at the Berlin Academy of Fine Arts. From 1955 he regularly attended the meetings of group 47. In 1956 he published his first book, the volume of poems Die Vorzüge der Windhühner. With the novel Die Blechtrommel, he suddenly became famous in 1959: In addition to other great novels (dog years, locally anesthetized, Der Butt, Die Rättin and Weites Feld), volumes of poetry (track triangle, questioned, last dances etc.), short prose, theater plays, essays, novellas were created (Katz und Maus, Im Krebsgang), stories (the meeting in Telgte, Unkeufen, from the diary of a snail, head births or the Germans die out and my century) as well as autobiographical works (when skinning the onion, the box, Grimm's words).

Grass also worked as a draftsman, graphic artist and sculptor, and many books with his artistic work have been published since 1986. In 1993, Steidl Verlag took over world rights to Günter Grass's work. The author himself read in large parts of his literary work for audio book editions. The 1999 Nobel Prize for Literature stands out from the numerous awards with which Grass was honored. Günter Grass lived in Behlendorf in the Duchy of Lauenburg near the district town of Ratzeburg and about 25 kilometers south of Lübeck until his death. He leaves behind a wife.

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