Noro virus on a cruise with no discount

Noro virus on a cruise with no discount

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Participants in a cruise are not entitled to a reduction in the travel price due to gastrointestinal disease caused by the Noro virus

If passengers on a cruise ship fall ill with the Noro virus, those affected are not entitled to reimbursement of the travel price and compensation. This was decided by the Rostock district court (file number: 47 C 210/14). A gastrointestinal illness on a tourist ship is a general risk to life, the judge said. The German Society for Travel Law reports on the verdict in its magazine "ReiseRecht aktuell".

Noro virus is highly contagious In the negotiated case, a couple took part in a cruise on the Mediterranean. Already in the first port, the man observed that employees wearing a face mask were cleaning out some of the cabins. Another passenger told him about a gastrointestinal disorder that many passengers suffered from. The couple also had diarrhea during the trip. As it turned out, they had the Noro virus, making shore leave impossible for the rest of the cruise. In addition, the spouses underwent medical treatment, which cost 190 euros.

Human noro viruses cause gastrointestinal inflammation, which in addition to diarrhea also causes nausea and vomiting. Those affected usually suffer from a pronounced feeling of illness, which manifests itself in headache, muscle pain and abdominal pain, among other things. Due to the increased fluid loss, there is a risk of dehydration.

No compensation for Noro virus After the trip, the cruise company paid the couple 200 euros as compensation for the inconvenience. However, the husband and wife claimed full reimbursement of the travel price and compensation. The district court of Rostock ruled in favor of the cruise company. Because the couple's illness is not attributable to the company. Consequently, it did not perform poorly, it said in the reasoning. According to the tour operator, the cabins were not renovated due to the Noro virus.

The court pointed out that it had not been proven that the company knew about the illness of many passengers when the couple came on board. There is no entitlement to a reduction in the travel price. (ag)


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