Vegan baking works well without an egg

Vegan baking works well without an egg

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You can also bake without an egg

Everyone is talking about eggs at the moment. Easter without eggs is hard to imagine for most people. However, many also refrain from it, for example allergy sufferers or people who do not want to consume animal products. And even if some think that doing without it would be difficult: You can even bake without an egg.

Alternatives to the egg For many people, Easter is almost impossible without eggs. In the nest, in the pastry or in the dessert: They can be found everywhere. But for those who want to do without it, there are also herbal ingredients. Even the cake succeeds with it. In a message from the dpa news agency, the German Vegetarian Federation (Vebu) has a number of alternatives for those who do not want to eat eggs.

Banana, apple sauce and soy flour For example, an egg can be replaced by half a banana. This is well suited for cakes and pastries. The following applies: The aroma becomes sweeter and more intense the ripe the fruit is. You simply crush the banana and stir it into the batter. Flaxseed is also suitable, especially for wholemeal pastries. Two tablespoons of the ground dark seed mixed with three tablespoons of water correspond to one egg. Applesauce works quite well in muffins and moist dough. The apple taste is almost completely lost when baking. According to the information, three tablespoons of apple sauce replace an egg. Starch and soy flour are also available. It comes mixed with water in cakes or pastries. A tablespoon of flour replaces an egg. However, it should be noted that soy flour in particular tastes clearly.

Basic waiver of eggs Many people generally do without eggs because they do not consume animal foods for ethical or animal welfare reasons. In addition, eggs can cause severe allergic reactions in some and are therefore avoided. Others, on the other hand, do not eat eggs, as they have a rather bad reputation for health - especially because of cholesterol. However, more and more studies are now coming to the conclusion that the cholesterol contained in food is not a health hazard. (ad)

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