Finally an end to the flu wave is in sight

Finally an end to the flu wave is in sight

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Finally an end to the flu wave is in sight

Fever, chills, body aches: In the past few months, thousands of citizens have suffered from the consequences of an influenza infection. For weeks, the flu wave paralyzed companies and authorities. But now - in Bavaria - an end to the wave of diseases appears to be in sight. The number of new infections there has recently declined sharply.

Number of flu patients had multiplied This year, a particularly large number of people had to suffer from the consequences of an influenza illness. It had only recently been reported that the number of Bavarian flu patients had multiplied compared to the previous year - however, the last was also a rather weak flu year. Numerous patients have had to stay at home with symptoms such as fever, cough and headache in the past few weeks. But now, after almost two months in Bavaria, an end to the severe flu wave is emerging.

Severe flu wave since swine flu in 2009 As the dpa news agency reports, the health authorities registered only 1,060 new influenza infections last week. That was significantly less than the previous week. "The curve is now clearly going down," said a spokeswoman for the State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) in Erlangen. "The season is slowly heading towards the end." As reported, it was the worst flu wave since the swine flu in 2009 in terms of the number of reported diseases. Experts also assume that the number of unreported cases is high, as not all flu patients went to the doctor and not all doctors did a flu test.

Over 13,600 reported flu cases In total, 13,661 influenza infections have been reported since the beginning of the year. In the previous year, there were only 1,677 cases at this time. However, 2014 was an extremely weak flu year. With 315 cases, most new infections from Upper Bavaria had been reported last week. According to the LGL, the reason for this is the large population density in the greater Munich area. Middle Franconia follows with 216 new influenza diseases. And as during the entire flu season, Swabia with 81 and Lower Franconia with 54 new cases are the worst performers. (ad)

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