Vegetarians are less likely to develop colon cancer

Vegetarians are less likely to develop colon cancer

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Vegetarians are less likely to get colon cancer

Around 26,000 people die from colon cancer in Germany every year. This type of cancer is one of the deadliest tumors in the western world. According to a new study, a vegetarian diet could potentially protect.

There are indeed enough reasons to reduce the risk of illness from vegetarian diets: there is really cruel factory farming, the widespread and often irresponsible use of antibiotics or the rotten meat scandals. But more and more people are becoming vegetarians because they want to do something good for their health. In the past, numerous scientific studies have shown that a vegetarian and balanced diet can reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. In addition, many vegetarians have better blood pressure values ​​and are less likely to be overweight or obese. A new study now also shows that vegetarians are also less likely to develop colon cancer.

Vegetarians rarely get colon or rectal cancer. The researchers led by Michael Orlich from the California Loma Linda University analyzed the data of over 77,000 adults from Canada and the United States for their study over a period of seven and a half years, of which around half were eating a vegetarian diet. As the scientists report in the journal “Jama Internal Medicine”, 490 of the participants developed a malignant tumor on either colon or rectum during the study period. When the researchers took a closer look at the relationship with eating habits, they found that vegetarians were less at risk of developing one of the two types of cancer. On average, the scientists counted 22 percent fewer cancer cases among them than among non-vegetarians. Even better were the vegetarians who eat fish at least once a month. These had a 43 percent lower risk.

Vegetarians generally live healthier results The results of the current study are in line with those of previous studies, which had shown that the consumption of red and especially processed meat can be associated with an increased risk of intestinal tumors. However, those who eat a lot of fiber are less likely to get sick statistically. Even though there are numerous studies that certify that vegetarian nutrition has a health-promoting effect, it is usually not possible to clarify exactly whether it is the waiver of meat alone that leads to this, or whether this is due to the generally healthier lifestyle of vegetarians.

Vegetarian food is booming This applies to studies that come to results such as “vegetarians live longer” or “vegetarians are less likely to get cancer”, as well as studies that have shown that meat avoidance also has negative sides. For example, scientists have discussed in the past that vegetarians are more likely to have depression and more flatulence and that their sperm is worse. However, there is clarity that the demand for vegetarian products in this country is constantly increasing. Cookbooks and internet portals, on which recipes for vegetarian dishes can be found, are also becoming increasingly popular. In addition, more and more vegetarian or vegan restaurants have opened in Germany in recent years. (ad)

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