Study: Average penis size determined

Study: Average penis size determined

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13.12 centimeters: study determines "normal" size for a penis

Male adolescents and adults have always asked the question: "Is it big enough?" Many of them even develop complexes because they think their limbs are too small. British researchers have now determined the "normal" size of the male member in a study.

13.12 centimeters in length - 11.66 centimeters in circumference There is finally a scientific answer to the eternal question of what the “normal” size is for a penis: 13.12 centimeters in length when erect with a circumference of 11.66 centimeters. This has been found in a study, according to the AFP news agency. Accordingly, the average length when limp is 9.16 centimeters and the circumference is 9.31 centimeters. The British researchers said that these numbers should show "the vast majority of men" that their penis is in the "normal range".

Over 15,000 penis data compared For their study, which was published in the British specialist magazine "BJU International" (""), the scientists at King's College London and of the Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust compared the penis data of over 15,000 men worldwide. The data came from studies in which the participants had their penis measured professionally. The researchers used their numbers to create a graphic that doctors can use when advising men who are afraid that their penis is too small. Such mental disorders can, in the worst cases, lead to depression and even suicide. The numbers can also help develop better fitting condoms.

Few have very small or very large limbs In reality, only 2.28 percent of all men have an exceptionally small penis, the scientists found. And a similarly small percentage has an extremely large penis. From a medical point of view, there is actually no penis that is too small or too large, since the size does not impair its biological function or reproduction. This is different only in extreme cases. For example, with a 17-year-old from the USA, who was recently reported on. The teenager had undergone penis reduction because the length and especially the size of his limb had prevented him from having intercourse.

Men between the ages of 17 and 91 The participants in the various studies were men between the ages of 17 and 91. A total of 20 studies from Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA were evaluated. The majority of the study participants came from Europe and the Middle East. The British researchers admitted that the results may be somewhat biased as men may be more likely to participate in a penis length study who are more confident in this regard. (ad)

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