Higher contributions from the statutory health insurance companies

Higher contributions from the statutory health insurance companies

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President of the Federal Insurance Office expects increasing contributions in the SHI

According to the President of the Federal Insurance Office, Maximilian Gassner, the contributions of the statutory health insurance will increase significantly in the coming years, according to the current announcement of the "Bayrischer Rundfunk" (BR). In view of the diminishing financial reserves at the health insurance companies, a significant increase in the contributions can be expected.

Although the statutory health insurance company has been able to record substantial surpluses in recent years due to the good economic development and the associated stable labor market situation, the billions in financial cushion will soon be used up, reports the "BR", citing the President of the Federal Insurance Office. His authority oversees the statutory health insurance companies, including the major German health insurers such as the Barmer GEK, the AOK or the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK). According to the expert, the legally insured must expect an increasing contribution burden in the coming years.

Expenditures grow faster than income According to the President of the Federal Insurance Office, health insurance company expenditures for medicines, doctor's fees and clinics are already growing faster than income, which is why many insurance companies are forced to use their financial reserves. According to the expert, however, the reserves formed are not held up too long, reports the "BR". Gaßner expects the health insurers to deficit around 25 billion euros by 2020, if development remains unchanged. The health insurance companies would therefore be forced to raise additional contributions to offset or at least alleviate the deficit. As the rate of contribution for employers was fixed with the last change in the law, only the insured have to bear this burden.

Additional contributions expected to increase In 2020, an average additional contribution from the statutory health insurance companies of 2.2 or 2.3 percent of gross wages can be expected, reports the President of the Bonn Federal Authority in the contribution of the "BR". The average additional contribution is currently 0.9 percent of gross wages. The legally insured must pay this in addition to the general contribution rate of 14.6 percent of gross wages. According to the "BR", the forecast increase would mean an additional charge of around EUR 480 per year for a statutory insured employee with gross monthly wages of EUR 3,000. The additional premium burden should therefore be clearly noticeable for most insured persons.

Relief only short-lived In addition to the head of the Federal Insurance Office, according to the "BR" almost all health economists, most bosses of the 124 health insurance companies and also the umbrella organization of statutory health insurance companies (GKV) expect increasing additional premiums. The relief, from which around 20 million members have benefited since the turn of the year, is likely to be short-lived. In the future, however, significant additional burdens can be expected. (fp)

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