Cosmetic trend for luxury skin care products

Cosmetic trend for luxury skin care products

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Luxury cosmetics with caviar, pearl extract and other precious additives are in vogue

Luxury products with added gold or caviar, for example, are becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetics industry. The noble additives promise particularly positive effects on the complexion, but proof of their effect has not yet been obtained.

Gold, platinum, pearl extract, caviar or truffles in skin care products are an expression of the luxury trend that has hit the cosmetics industry. Women in particular are often willing to spend large sums of money on caring for their skin. The manufacturers therefore advertise specifically with exclusive products that should be particularly beneficial for the skin thanks to their noble ingredients - but are correspondingly more expensive for the same reason. In many cases it remains doubtful whether the products can deliver what they promise.

Small luxury for the skin Despite the lack of scientific evidence for the effects of luxury cosmetics, they are enjoying growing popularity. "In the cosmetics segment, it is women in particular who regularly treat themselves to this so-called little luxury," quotes the news agency "dpa", the managing director of the VKE cosmetics association in Berlin, Martin Ruppmann. For example, a study by the association had shown that almost one in three women would not buy jewelry in order to be able to afford luxury care products instead. "One in four would be willing to leave the concert, a movie or even a visit to the restaurant," Ruppmann continues to be quoted by the "dpa". The expert mentions the well-known high-quality ingredients (64 percent), trust in a brand (56 percent) and high quality (55 percent) as the most important reason for the purchase of luxury cosmetics.

Caviar extract with amino acids, trace elements and phospholipids According to Ruppmann, there is also an important, emotional aspect when buying luxury cosmetics. "Half of the respondents feel happier and more relaxed when they buy luxury products", the managing director of the VKE cosmetics association in Berlin is quoted by the "dpa". Dermatologist Inka Fechner from Oldenburg reports to the news agency about the effectiveness of luxury cosmetics, for example that "caviar extract contains amino acids and trace elements (which) have a nourishing and regenerative effect on the skin." In addition, the phospholipids also contained would support the skin structure, which is why "creams." with these active ingredients are more suitable for mature skin ”.

Products for more mature skin According to the experts, many of the luxury cosmetic articles are generally more suitable for more mature skin. Young people would often take good care of their skin through the early use of the very rich anti-aging products. "The clinical picture for this is called perioral dermatitis - small pimples around the mouth that can be very persistent," quotes the "dpa" Inka Fechner. The appearance of such symptoms is often a sign of too much for the skin. The "dpa" further reports that creams and serums that contain pearl extracts or gold particles, in addition to skin care, also promise to cover the complexion with a delicate veil and thus give the skin more radiance. This is particularly effective with dull and tired-looking skin, as it develops with age due to the fine lines and wrinkles.

Pearl extract with a long tradition in skin care According to the Cologne dermatologist Uta Schlossberger, the use of pearl extract for skin care is not new to the news agency "dpa". For example, "pearl extract in nursing is already known from traditional Chinese medicine" (TCM). The pearl extract is composed of a natural complex based on sea mineral water and contains many trace elements such as zinc, selenium, lithium, phosphorus, iodine, iron and magnesium as well as over 20 different amino acids. These ingredients keep the skin nourished and supple. "This unique composition can accelerate the natural metabolism of the skin, reduce blemishes and reduce reddening of the skin," Uta Schlossberger is quoted by the news agency. Furthermore, "Pearl extract can regulate the skin moisture permanently and intensively, accelerate skin renewal and increase the vitality of the skin."

Lack of scientific evidence A dermatological assessment of the precious metal gold in the context of manufacturer studies has shown that gold has an antibacterial effect and thus has an influence on the complexion, reports the "dpa". However, the same applies here as for caviar. "So far, there are no studies that are publicly available and support the effect of caviar extract," quotes the "dpa" dermatologist Inka Fechner. This leaves doubts about the meaning of luxury cosmetics, not least because significantly cheaper products based on plant extracts and the like advertise with comparable effects for the complexion. (fp)

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