Ebola? Patient in Berlin on isolation ward

Ebola? Patient in Berlin on isolation ward

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Suspected Ebola: patient in Berlin in isolation ward

An employee of an aid organization with suspected Ebola is currently being treated at the Berlin Charité. As a member of a South Korean team, the patient was on a relief mission in Sierra Leone and injured a needle there. The case was classified as urgent by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Helper treated highly infectious patients A member of a South Korean treatment team was flown to Berlin in a special aircraft from Sierra Leone. As the dpa news agency reports, there is suspicion of Ebola after the patient injured himself with an injection. An employee of an aid organization (no information has yet been given on gender and age) had treated highly infectious people in the West African country. It is still unclear whether the person affected has really contracted the deadly infectious disease. The patient is currently being treated at the Charité special isolation ward in the Virchow Clinic.

WHO pays the costs of Berlin's health senator Mario Czaja (CDU), according to the "Berliner Morgenpost", informed that the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified the case as urgent. According to the clinic, the costs for the patient are borne by the WHO. As the senior doctor at the station for highly infectious diseases, Frank Bergmann, announced, a blood test only provides reliable information when Ebola symptoms appear. These include fever, diarrhea, headache, nausea and vomiting as well as internal and external bleeding. The incubation period is said to be up to three weeks.

Three people infected with Ebola in Germany According to the dpa, three people infected with Ebola have been flown to Germany and treated. Two of them survived, and a UN employee from Africa died in Leipzig. In other European countries, people infected with the dangerous virus have also been treated in recent months. A positive piece of news came recently from southern Europe: the first Ebola patient in Italy was healed. The 50-year-old doctor - also in Sierra Leone - was infected during an aid mission and was now released from a clinic in Rome after more than a month of treatment. The doctor said he wanted to return to West Africa to help further. (ad)

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