Women more susceptible to alcohol-related liver damage

Women more susceptible to alcohol-related liver damage

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Women are more prone to alcohol-related liver damage

It has long been known that too much alcohol is harmful to health. Experts are now pointing out that women in particular should be cautious when it comes to alcohol consumption. Compared to men, they are twice as susceptible to alcohol-related liver damage.

Women, in particular, should be cautious when drinking alcohol. Women should be particularly cautious when drinking alcohol, as they are twice as susceptible to alcohol-related liver damage as men. The organ can become seriously ill if the alcohol consumption is permanently excessive. It is best for women not to drink more than a glass of beer, wine, or brandy a day to minimize the risk to the liver. In addition, you should avoid alcohol completely two days a week. This is announced by the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), according to a message from the dpa news agency.

Different limit values ​​for men In contrast, slightly different limit values ​​apply to men. For them, the risk of health damage is still relatively low, even with a maximum of two glasses of beer or wine or two schnapps a day. But it also applies to them that they shouldn't touch alcohol two days a week. People who consume too much alcohol permanently risk massive damage to the liver and even life-threatening cirrhosis, which is the end stage of chronic liver diseases.

Germans drink a lot of alcohol If you look at statistical figures, many people in this country are far from the recommended maximum recommendations. A study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) a few months ago showed that in 2012 the Germans ingested more than five liters of pure alcohol per head simply from their beer consumption. In that year, the Germans over the age of 15 drank an average of almost 12 liters of pure alcohol per head. The difference between the genders was enormous. While women consumed seven liters of pure alcohol per capita annually, men consumed more than twice (16.8 liters) as much. (ad)

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