Resveratrol in red wine stops inflammation

Resveratrol in red wine stops inflammation

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Resveratrol in red wine lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease

"A glass of red wine every day" is often the advice of doctors about their patients. However, the second glass can be too much again because the harmful effects of alcohol predominate. Scientists from the University Medical Center Mainz in cooperation with scientists from the University of Jena and the University of Vienna back this up with a recent study. The "natural substance resveratrol contained in red wine protects against inflammation." Such inflammation can cause cardiovascular diseases.

The background to the study was the so-called "French paradox", which means the lower heart disease rate of people in France. This is attributed to the comparatively high consumption of red wine by the French population. The scientists published their study results in the specialist magazine "Nucleic Acids Research".

Resveratrol from red wine protects against cardiovascular diseases "In some research projects it could be proven that the natural substance resveratrol contained in red wine has a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases", Professor Verena Dirsch from the University of Vienna told der der "But so far it was not clear how precise the interrelationships are." Dirsch, junior professor Andrea Pautz and Professor Hartmut Kleinert from the Institute of Pharmacology at the University Medical Center Mainz and Professor Oliver Werz from the University of Jena were able to show in a joint research project that part of the protective effect of the natural product is based on the inhibition of the formation of inflammatory factors. As the study showed, resveratrol binds to the regulatory protein KSRP, which reduces the stability of messenger RNA (mRNA) for many inflammatory mediators and thus inhibits their formation.

"The interesting approach to this work was that we were looking for the unknown target structure with the natural product resveratrol," continued Dirsch. It was known from previous research that a functional group on the molecule was not necessary for a certain effect we took advantage of it to attach a 'Angel' there. The colleagues from Jena then 'fished' the protein KSRP out of a cellular protein mixture. "

Resveratrol from red wine has a high therapeutic potential, especially in the case of chronic inflammatory diseases with cardiovascular damage. "We now know more precisely how resveratrol inhibits the formation of inflammatory factors that trigger cardiovascular diseases such as a heart attack. This is an important discovery in light of the fact that recent research shows that cardiovascular diseases are very strongly promoted by inflammatory processes in the body, ”said junior professor Dr. Andrea Pautz quoted in a communication from the Mainz University Medical Center. Cardiovascular diseases are becoming more common in patients with rheumatism and other chronic inflammatory diseases. Resveratrol therefore has a high therapeutic potential, especially in inflammatory diseases that are associated with severe damage to the cardiovascular system. However, the researchers held back on a recommendation for “a daily glass of red wine in honor”, ​​as it is commonly known.

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