Quad birth in Munich: Two identical twins

Quad birth in Munich: Two identical twins

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Birth sensation: Munich quadruplets: two identical twins
Multiple births are always an unusual event. A quadruplet was recently born in a Munich hospital. The little sensation: The four girls and boys are two identical twins.

Mother and children are doing well Quadruplets were born in a Munich clinic. The little sensation: "The four premature babies are two identical twins". As the Harlaching City Clinic announced, "both the mother and the two boys and the two girls are doing well". The two pairs of twins had to be fetched by caesarean section in the 25th week of pregnancy. It was said that "premature babies were born on August 11th".

High-risk multiple births There were no complications despite the high-risk multiple birth. In addition to premature birth or premature birth, the problems that can occur in multiple pregnancies include increased water retention, especially in the legs, as well as high blood pressure due to pregnancy, varicose veins, anemia and impairment of the maternal abdominal organs. According to the doctors, Raya (birth weight: 740 grams), Danya (680), Ali (790) and Khalid (740) are expected to be released from the hospital around mid-November. As a clinic spokesman said on Saturday, it was normal for premature babies to stay in the hospital for about three months.

33 Doctors and nurses on duty at birth It was reported that the Abu Dhabi-born parents made a conscious decision to give birth in Germany after learning that they were expecting quads. Nevertheless, the quadruple birth was an extraordinary event for the hospital, which was experienced in the care of multiple births. The nursing division manager of the children's clinic, Birgit Fritz, said: "Quadruplets are really a sensation that probably only occurs once in a professional career." A total of 33 doctors and nurses were involved in the birth.

Most of the multiple births are twins In the past twenty years, the number of multiple births has increased significantly nationwide. According to data from the Federal Statistical Office, in 2012 there were 11,648 twin births and 230 mothers in Germany giving birth to triplets. In three cases, at least four babies were born, as the "Spiegel" writes. According to the magazine, a rare quadruplet birth was also reported by the Leipzig University Hospital in early 2012: a 31-year-old had given birth to identical quadruplets. Last year the Münster University Hospital (UKM) decided to make an extremely nice gesture. Those responsible had agreed to take the cost of the diapers from a couple of parents for a year. The mother had given birth to quintuplets. (ad)

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