Doctors warn: Dafalgan endangers babies

Doctors warn: Dafalgan endangers babies

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Doctors warn: Dafalgan endangers babies

So far, paracetamol, which is sold in Switzerland under names such as Dafalgan or Panadol, has been largely harmless. After the German media recently warned of the side effects of the drug, experts in Switzerland are now also critical.

Drug has long been considered harmless As various newspapers report, the most commonly used pain reliever, paracetamol, which is sold in Switzerland under names such as Dafalgan or Panadol, has so far been considered largely harmless. Headache, toothache, backache, fever: the over-the-counter medication is available in almost every household for emergencies. However, as previously in German media, newspapers in the neighboring country, such as "Switzerland on Sunday", are now warning of the dangers of the drug.

Paracetamol during pregnancy It has long been known that if the dose is too high, the drug can increase the risk of stomach ulcers, heart attack and stroke, among other things. However, two new studies from Denmark and Norway now also show that it can have serious side effects for the unborn child if their mother swallows acetaminophen during pregnancy. Accordingly, the physical and mental health of these children can be restricted.

Children's ADHD risk significantly increased They have a 37 percent higher risk of suffering from ADHD than children of mothers who have not taken acetaminophen. They also had an increased risk of asthma, and motor development and communication behavior could be disrupted. According to the reports, the Swissmedic Agency for Medicines is now investigating whether it is tightening the warning on the package insert, as doctors request. "Swissmedic is closely monitoring the potential risks of taking acetaminophen and will check whether the existing warning should be adjusted," said spokesman Lukas Jaggi.

Prescription of paracetamol required Gert Printzen, board member and responsible for medication at the FMH medical association, believes that this step is urgently needed. “Out of pure caution, we have to act on such a suspicion to protect unborn life. I still have thalidomide in the back of my head. ”Other doctors go further and demand that Dafalgan can only be sold with a doctor's prescription. According to expert opinion, the drug should also be prescribed in Germany. For example, Professor Kay Brune from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg has been campaigning for paracetamol to be subject to the prescription requirement. (ad)

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