Father despite dry orgasms

Father despite dry orgasms

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"PUR" manager: father despite prostate surgery

It has been five years since doctors opened the shocking diagnosis of prostate cancer to the former handball star and today's “PUR” manager Uli Roth. An “incredible feeling” was the first orgasm after the well-survived surgery, said Roth. He now reports exclusively to "Bild" about the time before and after the operation, his feelings and what moved him.

He was not afraid of the operation because his twin brother had received the same diagnosis shortly before and because he had the same doctor as his brother, he would have known what to expect. "I hope that he does it as well as my twin brother." He was also lucky enough to be operated on "to preserve the potential", as the Focus reports. According to the prostata.de online portal, he underwent a radical prostatectomy without finding metastases. The two most common complications, incontinence and impotence, did not occur.

Just eight days after the procedure, he would have felt sexual desire and had an orgasm again: "My first sex was with myself after the operation", with the catheter on the penis, he says to "Bild". The certainty that everything was all right again would have been “incredibly comforting,” Roth added.

Frozen sperm provides joy for the father Today he is an expectant father. He owes that this is the case to his brother Michael, with whom he published a book about her illness and who advised him shortly before the operation to freeze his sperm. Because one of the symptoms of prostate cancer is that of dry orgasm. That would have made conceiving a child impossible. Roth, however, froze his sperm "at the last second" and therefore looks forward to fatherly joys today. For him it is a "miracle", just like the fact that he then got to know his "mad woman" Andrea. This says about Roth: "I know few people who are as affirmative as he is."

However, the urologist's examination also played an important role; early detection of the cancer would have saved his life, according to Focus.

The book is intended to relieve those concerned of the precautionary medical check-up. The two say on their website on their website that it was never their intention to “focus on their fate, but rather a platform, a public awareness of the subject of prostate cancer and its consequences to accomplish. We hope that you, renowned physicians, the media and self-help groups will create something where those affected can find a first point of contact and qualified help. "

Rather, it is their concern "to inform people about the subject of prostate cancer and to relieve them of the fear of a preventive medical check-up or life after the operation." (jp)

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