White gold: salt favors common diseases

White gold: salt favors common diseases

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White gold: Millions killed by salt consumption

Old and new scientific studies conclude that millions of people worldwide die because they eat too much salt. A high salt consumption is considered a risk factor for various common diseases. The recommended maximum daily dose of salt is significantly exceeded in Germany.

Millions killed by high salt consumption For centuries, salt was considered an expensive and sought-after commodity and was praised as white gold. But this has turned into deadly poison that is available everywhere and affordable for everyone, as the "Focus" writes in its current edition. The news magazine reports that 1.65 million people worldwide die every year from the effects of too much salt. Heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure are mentioned. Reference is made to "the results of three international research groups that published their studies in August".

Recommended maximum salt dose is exceeded almost everywhere. They found alarming results when examining 102,000 people from numerous countries around the world. 99.2 percent of all people therefore exceed the maximum daily saline ration of five grams recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). With around six grams of salt consumed daily by women and over eight grams by men, Germany is in the international midfield, but also significantly above the specified amount.

Men consume more salt than women Although the salt ration in the EU countries is very different, it is above that of women in men in practically all countries. Prof. Dr. participating in the EU comparative study SALUX Lutz Graeve from the University of Hohenheim explained a month ago: "On average, an adult man in Germany consumes 8.4 grams of salt, an adult woman an average of 6.1 grams." With the SALUX project, the European Union wants to contribute to that feed the citizens better.

Cause of the hunger for salt on the trail According to their own statements, the new "Focus" provides experts with tips on what to watch out for when eating, which convenience foods are seasoned particularly wastefully, why organic salt is not organic at all and how with little salt comes into the food full of taste. According to the article, scientists have tracked down the cause of the hunger for spice and discovered that salt in the brain switches the same genes on and off as drugs. They use biochemical experiments to decode the damage that this causes to the body.

Blood volume and blood pressure are increased Doctors like the hypertension specialist Peter Trenkwalder from the Starnberg Clinic see such consequences. "Salt binds the water in the body," the doctor told the magazine. "This increases the blood volume and ultimately the blood pressure." Young, healthy people could often cope with this well over the years, but in the long run it would be dangerous. "On the one hand, the heart has to pump more, on the other hand, the stress damages organs and vessels that are only designed for moderate pressure." About every tenth death from cardiovascular diseases is due to too much salt.

Tax on Unhealthy Food Knowing that certain foods can help shorten our lifespan is not new. But appeals to the population to live healthier have repeatedly failed in the past. Experts therefore regularly call for taxes to be levied on unhealthy foods. This has already been implemented in the form of sugar-fat taxes in various countries. (ad)

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