Many health insurance companies offer extra benefits

Many health insurance companies offer extra benefits

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Health insurance companies with more extra benefits

As required by law in Germany, all health insurance companies must offer the same basic care. But they can also offer extra services, which more and more health insurers are doing. And to an ever greater extent, as the Stiftung Warentest has determined.

More extra benefits for insured persons Even if all health insurance companies in Germany have to offer the same basic care according to the law, this does not mean that they are not allowed to offer extra benefits. An increasing number of health insurance companies are doing this, and to an ever greater extent, as the Stiftung Warentest has determined, according to a message from the dpa news agency. According to this, more and more statutory health insurance companies are offering extra benefits for their insured. Some health insurance companies are particularly family-friendly, others place more emphasis on preventive services or look after their members particularly well.

Twice as many health insurances offer sports medical examinations The Stiftung Warentest examined the offer of a total of 82 health insurances with around 96 percent of those insured by law in Germany. Of these, 33 health insurance companies, for example, offer a second opinion from a qualified specialist. A year ago, only eleven did so. In addition, 27 offer a sports medical examination. As reported by the magazine "Finanztest" (edition 09/2014), this is twice as many as last year.

Participation in costs for health courses In the meantime, most health insurance companies also offer a share of the costs for two health courses in the areas of stress management, exercise, nutrition and addiction prevention. In the past, consumer advice centers have also indicated that it may be worthwhile to look for possible financial support in the field of dental health when choosing a health insurance company, since professional tooth cleaning (PZR) in the form of prophylaxis is now often subsidized.

Consumers should think about their needs. The expanded range of offers also includes medical hotlines and arranging specialist appointments. However, Sabine Baierl-Johna of "Finanztest" restricts: "There are so many ways that health insurance companies can offer advantages, but in fact there is no health insurance fund that has the maximum in all areas." Consumers should therefore be precise think about what they should use. "For example, if you need a travel vaccination abroad, it can cost up to 100 euros - that would be worth it," says Baierl-Johna. "Or you have back pain and want to be treated with osteopathy, because some health insurance companies pay a lot, up to 600 euros per year." (Ad)

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