Doctors: improved control of asthma

Doctors: improved control of asthma

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Keep asthma diary for control

In Germany, around five percent of adults and ten percent of children suffer from bronchial asthma. Many serious asthma attacks, which lead to shortness of breath, rapid breathing and even loss of consciousness, are caused by the patient. Doctors recommend better control of the disease, for example with the help of an asthma diary.

Patients often do not have their disease well under control. Around five percent of adults and ten percent of children in Germany suffer from bronchial asthma. In the event of a severe asthma attack, shortness of breath and rapid breathing can lead to loss of consciousness. However, patients with severe asthma often do not have their disease well under control. As the German Lung Foundation (DLS) in Hanover explains, this means that those affected have an asthma attack at least once a week. In addition, her illness is getting worse. The reasons for this are that the patients usually take their long-term medication irregularly and incorrectly, which can result in irreparable damage to the bronchi and the medication can no longer work properly.

Those affected should keep an asthma diary. The DLS therefore recommends people with asthma to monitor their illness themselves in addition to taking their medication correctly. The patients should keep an asthma diary in which they enter symptoms and the values ​​measured with the so-called peak flow meter. With this device you can determine the exhaled volume in asthma. The attending doctor can then use regular measurements to determine whether the disease has worsened.

Alternative therapy options for asthma In addition to the conventional medications used to treat asthma, numerous sufferers also use other offers to address their chronic asthmatic complaints. Methods from naturopathy, psychotherapy and relaxation procedures, such as autogenic training, are used alternatively or additionally to reduce the number of asthma attacks and to soothe the extent of the symptoms. Regular exercises from yoga, tai chi or qigong, ideally involving breathing, can also be effective. In addition, targeted breathing therapy can reduce breathlessness. In addition, acupuncture, homeopathy, isopathy, autologous blood therapy, physical procedures (steam and air baths, upper body massages), bioresonance and many other naturopathic treatments have also yielded good results in the treatment of asthma, even if they have not been scientifically researched. (sb)

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