Women for men seem to be key figures

Women for men seem to be key figures

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Role model: women usually live healthier

Women usually live healthier than men. This often makes them key figures in terms of health for their partners. With their role model function, women could help men maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Women serve as role models
When it comes to health, women are key figures for men. Because in the family women are still more responsible for health issues, said Elisabeth Pott, director of the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), on the occasion of the men's health congress in Berlin. Overall, they would find out more about health offers and worry more about their own health and that of their family. This could enable them to act as role models and thus help their husbands to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Men live healthier
There are still major gender gaps in health behavior. Men smoke more and both drink more alcohol and more often than women. They are also often overweight and have a higher risk of obesity. Research also showed that men have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease. And they have a heart attack more often. On average, men also go to the doctor less frequently and take fewer opportunities to promote health and preventive measures than women.

Finger-pointing bans don't work well for men
There are also clear differences when it comes to nutrition. According to studies, men eat more meat and less fiber-rich food than women. Only about every third man eats vegetables every day. "It's never about puristic solutions," said Pott. For example, women could try to make healthy ingredients tasty for their husbands, without having to forego steaks and co. According to the expert, bans with a finger would not work well for men anyway: "A positive approach is much easier for men to accept."

Clear rules for alcohol
However, when it comes to alcohol, it can help to set clear rules. Pott cited as an example: "We now only drink at the weekend, no longer during the week." If the man goes through this rule for a few weeks, he also realizes that it makes him feel better. Furthermore, women could motivate men when it comes to exercise. Most people are still active as young people, but when they start their careers, sport often takes a back seat. Pott recommends that women can reintroduce family sport as a common activity. (sb)

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